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Latoya Campbell

Store Owner

LC Hair was officially established in 2016 because of the love for all things HAIR. A self taught stylist since 2013 to becoming certified in Cosmetology in 2017, sharing my learnt hair skills while mastering hair installation and protection was and is the goal. The hair journey from natural to jerry curls, natural to processed, braids to weaves, wigs to pontytails, natural colour to coloured, low cut to bald and then back to natural hair, not to mention hair loss, breakage and bald spots; sparked a passion for more hair knowledge. This led to research and experiments which now brings us here. A key focus of this page is on Protective Hairstyles. They create an environment for hair growth and aids in moisture retention. All the while keeping the hair protected from the elements and lessened manipulation. All products have been vetted, tried and proven by us and our clients, some are also hand made by us. They worked for us, ofcourse with added methods (deep treatments, moisturising, knowing hair types and needs etc.) so we want to share them with you. This page is a platform in support of Healthy Hair Care with value, quality and customer service as top priorities. 

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